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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Liberal Networks still pushing "Huck and Hillary"

In what can easily be seen as a liberal publicity stunt, the networks brought back late night TV with Huckabee on Jay Leno, and Hillary on Letterman. Huck's dialogue with Jay Leno seemed too prepared and all his jokes seemed like they had been served to him with wind-ups on silver platters. see story here:
There was also some controversy surrounding his appearance in the first place (quoted from the story on Fox):

The return of TV’s late-night funnymen after a two-month strike hiatus turned
into a bizarre mix of picketing and presidential politics Wednesday as Mike
Huckabee headed for Jay Leno’s show and Clinton turned to Letterman.
hopeful Huckabee appeared confused over which of the two late-night hosts had
reached a separate deal with the union representing striking TV and movie
Huckabee said he supports the writers and did not think he would be
crossing a picket line, because he believed the writers had made an agreement to
allow late-night shows on the air. That’s not the case with Leno, and pickets
outside Leno’s Burbank, Calif., studio targeted Huckabee.
“Huckabee is a
scab,” read one picket sign.
Late Wednesday, the Writers Guild of America
issued a statement saying that the guild “thanks the former governor for his
strong statement of support for striking writers and hopes that he will not
cross the picket lines at NBC.”
However, Huckabee appeared on the show
despite the calls from the striking writers, according to NBC.

Why the change of heart, Huck? Does this coincide with your change in heart about the negative ad, too? All were media stunts, nothing more. Does poor Huckabee realize why they are loving him so much yet?

Hillary passed a taped message to Letterman as well. This seems obvious to me that the liberal networks couldn't stand not having their political agenda played out on the late night shows and had to get these 2 shows up and running in time to get one last shot at what they want: Hillary in the White House. So what about Huckabee? They want him to run against Hillary because they know he is an easy kill. We have blogged about this on multiple occasions. It's my opinion and my theory, and I am sticking to it.

One last reminder: head out Thursday night and caucus for America's true conservative and problem solver: Mitt Romney! Tomorrow is the big day!

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