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Thursday, January 03, 2008

North Liberty / Johnson County update

Here in Johnson county the big news is turnout. As we were turning in the binders to the county, the buzz was the huge turnout. I was the temporary and then permanent chair in North Liberty 01 precinct (I ran the caucus and elections). We are the largest precinct in Johnson County because the county auditor is too lazy to split us up. We ended up having 233 voters and another 100 kids at our site. We completely filled the bleachers at the middle school gym. Two years ago, the turnout in this precinct was 10 voters. Big difference. This has been a common theme to other precincts reporting in throughout the night. We also had about 70 same-day-voter-registrations. Those caused some delays at check-in, but it got people in the door. Interestingly, Mitt Romney was the only candidate to have any stickers or signs handed out at the caucus. I saw a few other stickers, but I think they were brought from home.

So, of course, this was a huge victory for our county republican party, too. We have added a huge number of central committee members and we have plenty of delegates to go around.

As for the numbers between the big rivals, North Liberty 01 was won by MITT ROMNEY! The final was 75 Romney votes to 66 Huckabee votes out of 233 voters (32% to 28%). I am so happy that my own precinct won. Of course, we are still waiting to hear about Johnson County composite results, but I would take a guess that Mitt Romney has also won the county. I will throw up numbers once we get them next week.

Indeed, all votes count in Iowa for the Republican caucus, and at 85% reporting, Huck is leading Romney with 9 points. Huck has been called as the winner, but I have some other ideas on who won.
-First, the volunteers helping the Romney campaign in Iowa are winners. They helped Mitt go from an unknown name to a front runner who secured 25% of the votes in Iowa. We've had deidcated volunteers in Johnson County since January. We had a huge number of supporters travel to Ames to vote at the Straw poll. We had a campaign office here in Iowa City packed with volunteers all week to get the last push. We saw amazing sacrifices made by our supporters to help the campaign here in the county, and I am so thankful for that! Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters here!
-Second, the campaign staff are winners! They organized an amazing feat here in Iowa. I don't know how many precincts we have total here, but they had to put together packets for every precinct in the state. They made the straw poll look like nothing compared to what they put together since then. The leadership here in Iowa was great, and a pleasure to volunteer with.
-Third, Mitt Romney is a winner tonight. He proved tonight that someone from outside of Washington can get thru to voters. Let's ignore the evangelical tidal wave that Huck rode in on today, and realize that second place in Iowa is still a huge feat. By no means is Romney done just because of a silver medal in Iowa. He has a lot of campaign resources left over, and he has plenty of organization to carry him thru the upcoming primaries. He's going to hunker down in New Hampshire where the evangelicals don't have a chance, and he is going to focus on the economy to reel in Michigan. Wyoming is in the bag for Romney, and so is Nevada, despite it's lack of legitimacy as a state. Without a doubt, New Hampshire is going to be a vicious contest now. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I am so glad I was part of this in Iowa. Truly amazing! I am still quite happy that NL 01 went to Mitt Romney!

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