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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Romney Shines in Debate . . . and people are taking notice.

The press coverage strongly shows that Romney handled the debate best. I've been saying for over a year here on this blog that Romney has the biggest "upside" of any candidate on either side. We're just starting to see it. Just in time for him to build on his success into other successes.

Nice recaps (here and here) of the press coverage praising Romney. He surely deserves it.


Anonymous said...

Romney rocked the debate..& even the MSM are taking notice!

Anonymous said...

I heard the debate on radio and from a pure verbal stand point he was articulate, confident and demonstrated his leadership.

This is the man for president.

Keith Steurer said...

The list of Romney praises continues on almost every news channel. Maybe they are finally catching on..... it will be interesting to see what Romney says about the new president in France. Like Romney, I lived in France and I am not sure what to think about the situation over there. 40 hour work week?? THey will go on strike for months to avoid that new policy!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Mitt Romney, he is very impressive. At CPAC, he shined. During the MSNBC debates, he was head and shoulders above the other candidates (both literally and figuratively).

I recently finished reading Hugh Hewitt's book, "A Mormon in the White House?", and his experience makes Romney a very impressive candidate. His time at Bain & Co., and Bain Capital proves that he can take a problem, and turn it around. That is exactly the kind of President we need.

Although some Americans may not agree with me, I see Romney's Mormonism as a bonus, not a hindrance. I have never meet a member of the LDS Church who was not honest, hard-working, family oriented, and patriotic. I'm sickened by those who say they won't vote for a Mormon. Shame on them.