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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: McCain Campaign Regurgitates MSM & DNC Lies About Romney Record . . . But Romney Never was a Liberal

McCain's deeply flawed immigration bill has been a recent "flash point" for criticism. McCain has obviously taken the attacks on this horrible legislation a little too personally and has wrongly punched back on the personal level (similar to his personal attack on Romney's conviction during the 2nd debate that he switches positions "during even numbered years".)

From a Newsweek article:

Referring to Romney's stance, McCain said: "Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes because it's changed in less than a year from his position before."

Then followed his "varmint" comment which was an obviously planned line fed to him from someone in the campaign.

So, what's so desperate about attacking a cheif rival? The attacks, on the surface, speak of an general unease in the McCain camp about their own failings and Romney's continued successes. But it's not just the attacks, but the substance of the attacks and the actual accusations being leveled. McCain's campaign aides are sensing the fear of a Rising Romney and have resorted to DNC-like charges at Mitt's apparent lack of core convictions.

From Newsweek recently regarding the varmint comment:

To which John Weaver, a top McCain aide replied: “It was a joke and, by the way, Mitt Romney should be mocked! There isn’t a single issue in politics he hasn’t flip-flopped on."

From a Mother Jones article another top McCain aid said:

"Mitt Romney has been consistent in one regard: that nearly every position he holds now is opposite of what it was when he was governor of Massachusetts."

That same article also had the following zinger:

He [Romney] previously held all of the same positions as Giuliani -- he's just trying to lie about them while Giuliani is standing for what he believes in.

This is a segue into the deeper theme they are trying to lay. A smattering of recent quotes is enlightening:

Deseret News:
Foremost is the charge that he's a campaign convert to conservatism after running as a more moderate or liberal candidate in Massachusetts.

Even some conservative commentators like Deroy Murdock (a big-time Rudy supporter), get in on the game from time to time.

Romney is either a true, rock-ribbed conservative who played a Rockefeller Republican to get elected in Massachusetts, or he is a genuine, limousine liberal portraying a conservative to win the 2008 GOP nomination. This fine thespian has lost himself so thoroughly in both these roles that no one really knows where the performer ends and the characters begin.

Bill Maher recently said "If Mitt Romney were a movie, it would be "Say Anything." (I'm sure he wouldn't apply that same critical humor to his buddy Bill Clinton, eh?)

The overall image being portrayed of Romney (and don't ever think these lines of attack aren't driven by the media moguls of the MSM) is that he's a man with no convictions, who will say or do anything if it is politically expedient. However, their only other "dig" against Romney is not just his religious affiliation, but that he's unabashedly a devout and practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--somehow implying that he's TOO dedicated and true to his core convictions, namely his faith and his family. It would be in their best interest to decide on one line of attack. If they keep pounding both of these drums even the average American voter will realize they are being sold a false bill of goods. We won't be buying it guys!

I've blogged before (here and here) that Romney was never close to being the liberal that some are claiming. He was actually far more of a conservative than even a moderate. Below I'll put in the image again of one of his 1994 campaign flyers and let you judge. Aside from the well documented, AND WELCOMED, shift on abortion he's been rock solid as a conservative then and now (BTW Romney vetoed the "employer mandate" portion of the MA healthcare plan)

I'd like to see McCain, his aides, and the DNC explain their position that Mitt has "flipped on every political issue" when he's been consistant on 23 of the 24 (or 96%) issues in this flyer. They're busy enough spinning their own problems, so I probably shouldn't "pile on" right now!


I have personally posted the above at Red State, Free Republic, My Man Mitt, and Elect Romney in 2008 (click on links to see the discussion threads).

It has also been "picked up" and broadcast at Race-4-2008, The Brody File, Hugh Hewitt's Townhall Blogsite, and who knows where next? Help spread around this message that debunks the "Romney was a liberal" or "He's flip flopped on every position" memes.


Anonymous said...

It's a vulnerable point for Romney though. That's one thing that evangelical primary voters have been conditioned for years to believe about Mormons - they lie. Don't believe those Mormons when they knock on your door with a message about 'Jesus Christ' - they're trying to trick you into believing in a 'different Jesus' whatever that means. So it's only natural to imply, or even outright say that Romney is a liar. You look at the DNC talking points - that Romney is 'Smooth Talking' and a flip flopper. They're hoping to tie into this underlying prejudice against Mormons. It's disappointing that the McCain camp is going in that direction. I voted for McCain in the primary in 2000. I like McCain. I just like Romney much better. All the issues he's evolved on, I've evolved on in both directions too.

Funny thing is - if Mitt truly was a flip flopper with no principles and no convictions - don't you think he would have shed his Mormon faith a long long time ago? It's always been his biggest political liability. If he had bailed on Mormonism people around the country would be that much more willing to accept him with open arms for being 'reasonable' and changing his mind when confronted with the facts. I wish that someone in the Romney camp would throw that out there to the news media once in a while. A few months ago when Romney said in an interview 'Look, nobody would be asking me this question if I had moved from Pro-Life to Pro-Choice.' Same thing goes for sticking with Mormonism.

So he's a politician with some contradictions he can't shake loose. I like him though. I will definitely be there at the Ames Straw poll, and the Iowa Caucus. And I definitely will be voting for Romney.

Jeff Fuller said...

In that recent Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, 34% of those planning to go to the Ames Straw Poll said that they would be voting for Romney there. Glad that you're gonna be there and supporting him.

I'll be there too (surprise, surprise!)

myclob said...

Great job Jeff... I added that photo here:

When people google "ROmney flip-flop" I want them to find this page, so that they can see that he did not flip or flop on any of those issues they accuse him of....

Anonymous said...

I agree that Romney's "flip-flops" are greatly exagerrated. The MSM, the DNC, and Romney's political and religious opponents will continue to "amplify" the charges for their own agendas. Hopefully Romney can help the electorate see that he's been pretty darn consistant on most issues.

Anyone who has a heart and a brain will learn/change/grow with time. If not, I don't want them to lead me. I don't get why some people seem to think the #1 qualification for becoming our president should be how long you can stay entrenched in your incorrect and failing positions. I don't want that kind of leader . . . no way, no how.

Mule Skinner said...

Worry not. The nice democrats at the Des Moines Register will do all that they can to savage Mitt Romney as we get closer to the Caucus.

This will be the MSM's last love fest with the Maverick, Independent (liberal) John McCain.

ChippySwans said...

Mitt Romney is quite the candidate. His ONLY weakness seems to be this flip-flopping bit. But, to me to never change your opinion on an issue is to say that you already know everything. Anyone that claims they know everything is a complete idiot. Romney's one "weakness" is a strength in my eyes. GO ROMNEY!...but also GO RUDY! ...I explain this dual support on my blog...hah.

44"40' or fight said...

This is an admission of Mitt-flopping on two issues important to conservatives. After reading this, I remain unpersuaded of Romney's sincere belief in anything.

"Fight discrimination of all kinds" is code for supporting "the gay agenda," (whatever that is) isn't it? Not that I give two poops whether two guys can get married. In that race he was all about out-gaying Kennedy, but today Mitt sure is happy to pander to the fundamentalists on that issue...
Also "Retain a woman's right to choose" is about as plain-faced a filp-flop as I can imagine.

Jay Bryner said...

to 44"40' -

I think the first comment pretty much shoots down your statement 'I remain unpersuaded of Romney's sincere belief in anything.'

IF Romney was just out trying to win votes he totally would have dumped the Mormon church a long long time ago.

Romney is the candidate that inspires the most confidence with me. He has convictions, but he's willing to listen to and understand other peoples' point of view. Out of all the candidates, he's the one that is most likely to successfully embody Bill Clinton's third way (third path?) politics. Romney can assimilate the concerns of multiple competing points of view and come up with a win win solution for all of them. That's how he's been so successful in business, and public service.

My only concern for Mitt Romney is if he can get through the primaries. And that is less and less of a concern for me as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

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