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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let The Games Begin......Debate on MSNBC

It's almost like I hear the Olympic Games Anthem playing as the debate began tonight. I lost count of how many candidates were on the stage. Holy cow. Joe Scarborough in the spin room at MSNBC has it right: "The clear winner tonight was Mitt Romney". Get ready for the Romney-rush of supporters!

Here's a rundown of my thoughts of some of the candidates. I am allowed to be biased in favor of Gov. Romney, but I will try to be fair. :

Wow. Outstanding. And I am not just saying that because I am a Romney fan. Most of the Internet questions were for other candidate, so I wanted to hear more. Romney kept things to the point, serious and at the same time, with a sense of ease. A few laughs, but right to the point. I have to admire a person who actually answers the question that the moderator asks. He truly highlighted what is important to the Republican party as well as the U.S.: Strength in Families, economy and military. He looked very............"presidential". I could not be happier.

I am still trying to figure out what is going on about his stance on abortion. Ann Coulter said about Giuliani "if we have both candidates for president (republican and democrat)who are pro-choice, we definitely have a problem with our country" (quoting loosely off the top of my head). That's all I have, honestly. I think his national 1st place status in polls is going to slip. Keep your eyes peeled for the jump in Romney's numbers.

Did somebody say "pork barrel"? Indeed its a problem, but tell us about other thoughts. Great job, good presentation, but we are still waiting for an answer on the Bush tax cut question. Why the change? The post-analysis commentator called him "Popeye". A little hard for me to agree with, but he is definitely animated. I am a little nervous of his age. If he went 2 terms, he would be 79 years old at the end of his terms. He must be pretty serious about the white-house-chase, cause if I were 70 years old, I would be hunting for a retirement condo and a hot tub. McCain is also quite comfortable smiling as he escorts people to the gates of hell. Eeek.

Great ideas on immigration, but you can take a good idea to the extreme. Just like you can get sick if you eat too many ice cream bars. Case in point, if you take immigration control to the extreme, you overshadow the hard working legal aliens who are trying to follow the rules. Make sure that the term "alien" does not automatically reference "illegal aliens".

I think he was lost tonight. He looked surprised at some of the questions. My heart goes out to him because I grew up in Wisconsin, and he was a light-house among the dark storm of activist democrats in Madison. Plus, he sent me a check for $10 for my high school graduation. Sweet! Health care and welfare are his strong points, and we need to hear more about international security. I think he dyes his hair, too

Why is he not for a national ID card for legal aliens?? He wants social security numbers to be .......better? Social security cards are made of PAPER. Mine is typed with a TYPEWRITER from 1980!! It is the easiest form of ID to forge in the country. Seriously, folks. I also think he sounds just a little bit like Al Gore. Not sure why.

Yikes. Seriously. Who is this guy, and what did he do with the Republican candidate that was supposed to be standing at that podium? His passion for protecting "freedoms" sounds like a wolf in sheep's clothing. He sounded more like the liberal's view of freedoms, as in "everyone is so free that we won't try to guide anyone, and you can live lawlessly without government EVER interfering in your life. Maybe I just got the wrong idea from him.

I guess I don't have much to say on this one. Nothing stood out. Plus he got called for his quote to George Stephanopholus (sp?) concerning Romney's faith.

I think he has been listening to Romney's speeches on CSPAN, cause I have already heard Romney say the same phrases that he said tonight. Many moons ago, in fact. Other than that, I have nothing.

Gilmore: ???????? Nice neck-tie? I guess he is a "consistent conservative". I got nothing.

That's all for tonight. later- Keith


sansimeonNevada said...

Good analysis. The candidates each had a few good moments, a couple more than others, but Romney delivered some gems. His resevoir of experience is deep and he's very personable. I like him best among all the candidates and it seems there are growing numbers of people who feel likewise. Great website.

Jeff Fuller said...

Funny about Gilmore and your comment about his tie. My wife mentioned that she like a lot of the ties worn . . . but definitely did NOT like Gilmore's tie. Poor guy, we have to scratch that off as the only thing Keith had to say positively about him.