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Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Romney Democrats?" . . . it's already happening

Some more interesting details from the new Iowa poll that Thomas linked to below(I've got some more commentary on that over at Iowans for Romney).

Remember the "Reagan Democrats" that helped Ronnie to landslide victories? Be prepared for a lot of "Romney Democrats"!!

Romney's still a relative unknown to many . . . but he's already got equal or greater crossover support from Democrats here in Iowa than anyone else. McCain, Romney, and Obama all have about 15% of those of the opposing party ready to vote for them. Giuliani is lower at 13%. Hillary would only be able to poach 6% of Republicans at the caucus.

So, don't worry too much about Romney's "electability" (or worse, don't feel compelled to vote for the wrong candidate just because of some unproved, but assumed theory that they will have a better chance in the general election. Reagan was a conservative who loved America and exuded optimism . . . sounds like Romney!!!) Iowa is not just the first primary state, but it's the first caucus in the general election and a swing state to boot. Romney vs. Hillary here would be a beautiful thing to keep Iowa Red next presidential election!!

1 comment:

Denny said...

I saw that statistic too.

It is very encouraging to see such a positive amount of possible crossover from the Democrats to Mitt. I am wondering if it is his due to his position on (against 'amnesty'?) immigration reform

Go Mitt Go!

Denny sMITTen