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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Best Overall Debate Performance: Romney---So Says David Yepsen of DM Register

David Yepsen thinks that Romney won this debate. He's a longtime expert in these things so I'll have to give him some credit (though he wrongly thought that McCain won the last one!) I guess I'm entitled to "pick and choose".

See his piece "Best Overall Debate Performance: Romney"

Personally, I think I fell victim to unrealistic expectations. He had another good night and if I were seeing him for the first time I'd be dang impressed. However, Huckabee got in the best one liner and Guliani had a gift given to him of the Ron Paul "we deserved 9/11 attacks" where he responded strong. Romney won't lose any ground and he showed he's consistantly a good debater . . . even when EVERYBODY is targeting him with veiled and unveiled attacks.

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