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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Romney Rocking New Hampshire Poll

The trends are excellent for Mitt! He has a double digit lead over everyone else in NH. Maybe this is inflated to what will really happen (because it's likely GOP voters and NH has an open primary), but if Mitt keeps picking up steam he will be hard to derail there. Add that to Romney's strong showing in Iowa's poll yesterday (both of which included Fred Thompson) and his strategy is coming to fruition. This is a man who knows how to plan, wants to win, and works incessantly toward goals. Good last few months for Romney!


Anonymous said...

Romney is sure on a roll. I find it hard how he will be derailed. I am a strong supporter of Mitt's and have to admit that the last debate did not go great, but the efforts that we are putting together are really making a difference. Keep it up.

Buster said...

New post at :

Long story made short : Romney is advancing, Giuliani and McCain are falling. Romney is now within 1% of the margin of error vs. Clinton.

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