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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saw this one Coming a Mile Away. WaPo reporter's "misleading" investigative techinques result in "Mormons Prop Up Romney" story

Many of you following this and other Romney Blogs have seen my post a few weeks ago about my contact (and others) with a Washington Post reporter. Well, my suspicions were confirmed with his recent piece "Mormon Base a Mixed Blessing for Romney"

Yep, this article that was researched as "I'm trying to gauge the nature of the support for Romney in early pirmary/caucus states" was truly, like I suspected from his line of questioning, another Romney-Mormon hit piece. This one very planned and purposeful.

I don't have time now to point out some of the faulty logic, presumptions, and conclusions of the piece . . . but there are plenty. It's dissappointing to see the process of a liberal, anti-conservative, anti-religion (if not directly, at least by overall impression) agenda unfold before my eyes.

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Anonymous said...

A friendly piece of advice: Maybe you should make the time to point out some of the faulty logic. The impression that Romney is the LDS candidate is not going to just fade away unless it is faced head on.