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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Volunteers Coming Out of the Woodwork

First-let me apologize for being gone for a few weeks from the blog. I have been busy with the recent Romney visit, and more recently catching up on everything else in life (neighborhood association stuff, getting my garden ready for the growing season, catching up on episodes of "The Office", and all likely important things. Much thanks to Jeff for his continued blog entries despite his busy schedule as well!

The Romney visit to Iowa City last week was great. We had so many people there! We had decent coverage from the press, including some TV and paper spots. I must say, for the Press-Citizen article that Rob Daniel wrote, it was a good article, but of all the people in the room, he had a quote from an "apparent supporter" and a democrat. The quote from the "apparent supporter" was "apparently" overrun with the word "apparent", and apparently the apparent Romney supporter was an apparent fan of the word "apparent". I imagine that the person being quoted would not have agreed with the way the quote was published. I would love to elaborate as to why there were democrats there, but I don't want to scare any other dems by letting them know that some of their own are actually supporting Mitt due to his common sense, and the fact that he is not afraid to tackle government waste and red-tape on BOTH sides of the aisle! I have some photos from the visit, but they only got the middle of the room and they aren't very clear. I am not a photographer, so I assume you will forgive me.

Our County Chair Margaret McDonald introducing Governor Romney

Governor Romney speaking to the crowd!

Here is a video from the event:

As for the name of the post, it describes what I have seen in the last week since Mitt's visit. I have people coming up to me all over asking me how to get involved! Many of my acquaintances have heard that I am one of the county coordinators this last week, and they all say the same thing "HOW CAN I HELP?". This is awesome, and I say to all of you who have asked........."Come join us for some work, some great fun, and a chance to be part of history." There has not been a political situation like the one we have since the 1950's where neither party has a potential candidate already in the white house. And together we will put Governor Romney in the white house!

Johnson County volunteers can email to be added to the announcement list which will alert us to upcoming volunteer opportunities and upcoming events and visits form Governor Romney. In the mean time, if you are not in Johnson County, you can contact the HQ in Des Moines to find a local group to join. My final plea: if you have or have not already donated, PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION to the campaign. Timing is critical in this election process, and the Ames Straw poll is only 3 months away. As much as I don't like how the presidential race has become just as much a fund-raising race, it is true, and it's the only way to get all the "media zombies" to accept the fact that Mitt is very well supported, and is well on his way to early victories in the upcoming months! Even if you donate a small amount, it helps the campaign to grow and reach out to more and more people. Visit today and make a donation!! We are so happy you are willing to support Mitt!

More later-

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