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Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Deep but Narrow"--The MSM's line on Romney's support

***Action oriented post . . . take action by donating to Romney's campaign****

Many pundits and reporters are apparently shocked that Romney rivaled Hillary and Obama in fundraising (while strongly outpacing his GOP rivals). They feel like they have "some splanin' to do" and boy have they been spinning his success as negatively as they can.

Always leading the liberal MSM charge we can count on the NY Times with this piece "Romney Used His Wealth to Enlist Richest Donors"

Mr. Romney's financial support is deep but narrow. He amassed $20 million from fewer than 33,000 donors, according to figures disclosed by his campaign. By comparison, Mr. McCain raised $12.5 million from nearly 50,000 donors while Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, raised $25 million from more than 100,000. Their average contributors each gave about $250; Mr. Romney's gave more than $600.

(Why do they think Romney "amassed" his money while McCain and Obama "raised" theirs? . . . a small point, but unmistakably biased)

Need more evidence? Plenty to follow . . .

Newsweek article:

The Romney 2008 campaign has been very methodical. His fund-raising machine is a marvel; in just one day last January, he raised $6.5 million, almost just to show that he could. But his base is narrow—mostly wealthy Mormons and Wall Streeters.

From the Economist (one of my favorite periodicals BTW):

It helps Mr Romney that his Rolodex is stuffed with wealthy supporters. His money came from just 33,000 contributors. Mr McCain, in contrast, relied on 60,000 people.

What is the natural conclusion of all this? It is that Romney can't sustain this fundraising pace . . . that he lacks a grassroots appeal . . . that his donors will be tapped out early.

From Poltical tip sheet Hotline:

It's likely that the average gift was astronomically high, meaning there is almost no chance this is a "grassroots outpouring" in favor of Romney. (which is confirmed by the very skewed ratio of donors to dollars raised) This is a large dollar candidate, not an Internet candidate.

Another opinion from RedState:

Don't get me wrong, for Mitt Romney to have raised over 20 million is impressive. But if one takes a closer look at where the donations came from, one finds Romney got far more "big" donations than did McCain. What that means is that in the next round or two of fundraising, Romney's donors will be tapped out to the max, whereas McCain's campaign can go back and get repeat donations (in smaller quantities) from the same loyal donors . . . For Mitt Romney, it could be a case where he might have peaked too early.

I view this all as a challenge!

We all know that Mitt has a great "ground game". . . both in organized political staff and grassroots supporters; so let's show that we can prove all the naysayers wrong and help him win the next round of fundraising (this time with over 100,000 donors!).

DONATE TO ROMNEY'S CAMPAIGN. (for those that use my Fundraiser ID 225003, rest assured that 100% of your contribution goes to Romney's campaign directly . . . or use someone else's ID, or use nobody's ID . . . JUST CONTRIBUTE TO ROMNEY'S CAMPAIGN!!!) Get your spouse to donate, get your kids, parents, friends, in-laws, neighbors, co-workers, dogs (OK . . . I think McCain-Feingold prohibits doggie donations) to donate too. Even just $10 would be very helpful (and rest assured that names are not reported on FEC filings for contributions under $200 . . . if it's that important to you).

This second challenge is for everyone that has already donated in the first quarter. Great! Now match or exceed your Q1 contribution to keep the MittMentum going!

Forward a link of this blog entry (copy and paste URL from here) to anyone who you think might want to support Romney's campaign. Let's prove all the MSM pundits and naysaywers wrong!

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