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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Visit From Tagg Romney in Iowa City

Last Friday, Governor Romney's oldest son, Tagg, made a visit to eastern Iowa, and stopped in Iowa City along his tour. Besides myself, there were about 35 to 40 locals who gathered at the Iowa City Public Library to hear him speak on behalf of his dad. The impressive thing was that he did not speak on specific political issues, but rather focused on his relationship with his father, and the leadership that Mitt Romney has shown by example throughout Tagg's life. This was truly a new way to get to know a candidate. Tagg is the oldest of the 5 sons, and related several experiences from his childhood, up to a few months ago when Mitt asked him to move from L.A. to Boston to work with his campaign. The funniest was when Tagg lost an anchor from their small row boat when he forgot to tie it to the boat as he tossed it into the bay. When he returned home, his dad was determined that they would find the anchor. The two of them set up a grid over the water and scoured the sea floor with snorkel masks until they found it. In retrospect, Tagg appreciated the lessons he learned from his fathers dedication and drive. I hope to see Tagg on the campaign trail more often. It was great.

As a reminder to those in the Iowa City area, there is a visit from Governor Romney coming up on Friday, April 20th. If you would like to be included on Johnson County area emails, send an inscription request to

In light of the recent articles in the Press Citizen, or lack-there-of, on Mitt Romney, remember the power of a letter to the editor. Let Johnson County, or your local county, know that you support Mitt Romney, and tell them why!! Feel free to mention that the biased media coverage (see Previous Blog) does not change your mind about him, either. Don't be fooled by the local coverage offered only to Obama and Hillary. They are watching Romney very closely. Problem is, they can't come up with anything negative to say about him, so they wait for articles to trickle down from the NYTimes, thru the networks, and finally thru their subscription to AP news distribution. I was curious as to why they justified a 1/4 page article on how the local police are preparing for Hilary's visit to Iowa City. Good thing the P-C was all over that one!

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