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Sunday, April 29, 2007

McCain's talk a bit TOO straight on Ames Straw Poll

Rarely, if ever, do I use this site to bash other GOP candidates. However, John McCain has upset a lot of GOP activits and party faithful with his recent comments about the Ames Straw Poll coming up on August 11th.

"I think it's one of the great ways for the Iowa Republican Party to raise money, but it's part of the process," McCain said during an interview. "Would I prefer that there wasn't an Iowa Straw Poll? Probably, because I could be doing other things. But that's what the party wants and that's what the party's going to get."

So is he saying that the us Iowan Republicans are spoiled brats and abusing our priviledge of being the first in the nation caucus? Sure sounds like it. Sure he's not going to heap praise on the process (would be accused of a major flip-flop since in 1999 he skipped it and called the whole process "a sham" . . . but he doesn't need to throw out needless lines to humiliate his potential base. Someone who wants to be president should at least act presidential.

With Rudy's team far behind in orginization here in Iowa (and having called the Ames Straw Poll "a circus") it's looking like Romney stands a great chance of consolidating most of the party faithful here into his tent and securing a big win in August! Help make it happen by signing up to help be an organizer for the poll and getting yourself and every other registered Republican you can to Ames on August 11th to cast your vote for Mitt.

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