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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Iowa Update

Romney's upward movement in Iowa continues.

He had a great trip through eastern Iowa on Thursday and Friday. He drew over 400 people here in Johnson County (the Bluest County in Iowa). That's a good sign. Here's the coverage for the event (gotta love our local little liberal paper giving the only Democrat in the room the last word in the article . . . sheez!) My wife, Laura, went to the event with two of my cousins (one, Susan Sorenson, is holding her son Randall with Mitt in the photo at the link). Mitt recognized and remembered my wife, and, after going around the rest of the table she was seated turned back to her and asked "Where's Jeff?". Pretty cool, eh? This is a political gift that not many people have. Romney's got it.

Also, former Iowa Lietenant Governor candidate (and current head of the Souixland Chamber of Commerce) Debbie Durham has endorsed Gov. Romney and will be heading up some of his efforts in GOP heavy western Iowa

Also, turns out that Romney raised more money in Iowa than all the other Republican candidates combined (same for New Hampshire . . . he also led in South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan . . . actually 30 states in all . . . but we're supposed to believe that it's all coming from Utah, right?)

Some more coverage of Romney in Iowa here, here and here.


Buster said...

You missed coverage of Romney's Thursday event in Bettendorf, Iowa :

Just in case you wanted a non-MSM perspective. ;-)

Jeff Fuller said...

Excellent coverage Buster! I'll highlight it in a seperate post.