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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great Coverage of Romney's recent visit to Bettendorf, IA.

Some great coverage over at InMuscatine. of Romney's visit to Bettendorf, IA late last week.

Some highlights from the coverage:

Why did people show up tonight? According to some of the people here, they liked Romney, but felt a need to educate themselves. A few had been contacted by Tommy Thompson camp asking them for support, and they were put off by the brash nature of the calls. This will probably be a major mis-step from the Thompson campaign.

Also, many here tonight were first time political even attendants. It is clear that Romney is able to generate a crowd, and excite that crowd to action.

Buster finishes his commentary with some strong (and encouraging) words:

Romney is an excellent public speaker. If you go to hear him speak, you had better listen fast, because he throws a lot at you in a brief period of time. If Romney and Obama were in a debate, that would be a donnybrook I would pay to see. If Romney and Clinton were in a debate, Romney would make hamburger of Clinton. If Romney were in a debate with Giuliani or McCain… well, whatever they have to say after Romney has spoken is just white noise while you walk to your car.

Almost forgot to mention - the room was set for 250, but there were 500 people there if there was one. You couldn’t have got another person in the room with a crowbar.

Also mentioned was that many of the folks from "Iowans for Tax Relief" were there and it was speculated that they may end up lining up with Romney (whereas it was thought they may be heading toward McCain).


Buster said...

Thanks for the plug. ;-)

One minor correction : The ITR people weren't there, rather Romney is surrounding himself (at the local level) with either ITR people, or people with ITR connections.

That's what I was speaking about when I was doing the data mining - I was running names for connections and lo and behold the ITR thing stood out like a sore thumb.

Look forward to more Romney coverage in the future. InMuscatine will cover him because we really believe he has a shot, and because the MSM won't. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi - Great Blog!

Since Mitt Romney supports the war in Iraq and the "surge", why are none of his five healthy sons serving in Iraq? They are all of enlistment age. I don't understand. If the war so important, I would have thought that at some point in the last 4 years one of them would have enlisted to fight in a forward position.

I have tried to ask this question on the fivebrothers blog but I get no response.

Thanks for your help.