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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Look for this story from the Washington Post: "Mormon Iowans: A Force for Romney"

Alec MacGillis, a journalist for the Washington Post has been contacting several Iowans who support Romney. In his intitial contact to me he stated he was "trying to gauge the level and nature of support for Mitt Romney around the country, particularly in early primary and caucus states."

As we spoke on the phone, his questions quickly moved to how the LDS community here is responding to Romney and to what level we are "organizing" for Romney. He asked about BYU alumni chapters that might be here and if that's a form of networking for Romney. He asked if there were "coffee groups" (he quickly retracted that one) or anything similar where LDS frequently get together in a non-church system. My answers were that there is no LDS network for Romney . . . at least, not in the way that his probing questions were leading. I told him how apolitical our church is and how I've never even seen a "voting guide" anywhere near our churches. I re-affirmed the church's stance/policy about not endorsing candidates, parties, or platforms and that all LDS know that neither the pulpit nor church membership lists (with contact info) are not to be used for political purposes etc . . .

I gave him the names of a few LDS and non-LDS Iowan grassroots Romney supporters as well including Jim Kirkpatrick (Waverly, IA) and Joni Scotter (Cedar Rapids, IA). Well, looks like Alec contacted the LDS people I mentioned but NONE of the non-LDS people I mentioned. That seemed odd, but what was even odder was that at least three other LDS Iowans (all BYU grads) that I hadn't mentioned ended up being contacted by Alec as well. I'm guessing that Alec "Googled" "U.Iowa and BYU" and found these people this way. I can only surmise from all this that Alec really isn't trying to objectively "gauge the level and nature of support for Mitt Romney" like he stated . . . he's more than likely preparing a "Early State Mormons: A Force for Romney" story, the kind of agenda-driven journalism aimed at creating a generalized distrust of Romney because of the "VAST MORMON CONSPIRACY" to get one of your own elected President.

Keep your eyes out for this story and refer back to this then.


Anonymous said...

You know it, today's MSM, if there's no story, make one up. Maybe this guy will pass if he finds no story, but someone'll step out of bounds and at least insinuate. Doncha think?

Anonymous said...

[I am *technically* still a Mormon but have my resignation letter typed up...just haven't mailed it yet because I need to get to a notary.]

While I agree there's no official "Mormon conspiracy" to elect Romney as president, there is definitely an underground movement. It's tough being a Democrat if you're Mormon. My bishop *suggested* to me I was making a mistake and should vote differently before the last Presidential elction. I did not heed his "advice".

E. Holland

nivramcireel said...
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nivramcireel said...

As of 4 April 2007, the hit article predicted has arrived: