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Monday, March 12, 2007

Romney Rocks Endorsements!

This site ( is tracking US Legislators endorsements for 2008.

Romney has more endorsements than any candidate on either side at 27.

However, a closer look shows that Romney's support is broader and deeper than any other candidate by a long shot. Why? Well, there seems to be a lot of "homerism" with these endorsements (i.e. US Legislators from the candidates home state endorsing them). Let's look at endorsements excluding home states:

Hillary: 4 (from 3 states)
Barack: 3 (from 3 states)
Edwards: 3 (from 3 states)
Richardson: 0
Dodd: 2 (from 2 states)
Biden: 0
Kucinich: 0
Gravel: 0

Romney: 27 (from 16 states) None from his home state Mass . . . oh, that's right--THERE ARE NO GOP US LEGISLATORS FROM MASS.
McCain: 19 (from 11 states) -- fighting hard to keep pace with Romney.
Giuliani: 7 (from 5 states)
Hunter: 6 (from 5 states)
Brownback: 0
Huckabee: 1
Thompson: 0
Paul: 0
Tancredo: 0
Gilmore: 0

With insider support, strong endorsements, excellent fundraising, still low-name recognition, telegenicity, and stellar speaking/interviewing skills, Romney stands out as the candidate who will be garnering more and more attention and broader support through the next few months.

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