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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can you spell D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E? AP grasping for straws . . . desperate for dirt on Romney.

I loved this one from the Associated Press . . .

Romney Camp Catches Flak for Hitler Ad


DETROIT Mar 20, 2007 (AP)— The co-chair of presidential candidate Mitt Romney's finance committee contributed to a group that used the money for a newspaper ad comparing Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to Adolf Hitler.

OK . . . so it's AP news story worthy to imply that Romney supports calling the MI Governor "Hitler"? Is that what they're really trying to say? How many degrees of seperation are needed for protection?

Here's what happened. An edgy PAC/527 unwisely used some of the money donated to them (from potentially hundreds of people) to, among other things, place an inappropriate and insenstive ad. Did Romney donate to this PAC? NO. Did Romney's advisor think his donations would be used for this ad? NO. Was this advisor on-board with Romney at the time of this donation? NO. Has Romney ever said or implied anything remotely resembling these ideas? NO. Can we trust the AP to give us objective news? NO.

What is most disturbing is that the AP linked Romney to Hitler IN THE HEADLINE OF THE STORY AND RE-ITERATES IT IN THE FIRST SENTENCE/PARAGRAPH WITHOUT MENTIONING RAKOLTA'S NAME! This is absolutely outrageous . . . though not surprising since the AP is becoming little more than a springboard for the DNC's talking points. Don't belive me? The AP story also contained the following . . .

Damien LaVera, spokesman for the DNC, said Rakolta's position on Romney's finance committee raises questions about the type of presidential campaign the Republican candidate plans on running.

"It's incumbent on Mitt Romney to say whether or not he supports those campaign tactics or those ads," LaVera said Tuesday. "Does Romney stand by these types of ads and tactics or not?"

Are they really asking these questions?

Are they trying to say that Romney has Nazi tendencies? . . . that he is the re-incarnation of Hitler? . . . that he is anti-Semitic? Or, are they just trying to subliminaly scare the distantly observing public by lying to them about Romney? I'll let you decide on that one.

Just for an interesting juxtaposition I decided to do a Google News Search for "Hitler Romney AP" and came up with 38 "pick-ups" of this AP article by Media outlets . . . in addition to The New Republic's article a few weeks back which ties Romney with Hitler (via Henry Ford).

However, a Google News Search for "Hitler Soros AP" yielded NO AP stories about the multi-billionaire's controversial comments comparing our current Cheif Executive to Hitler. Soros is a HUGE supporter of Barack Obama,, and liberal Democrats in general . . . Was there a MSM/DNC outcry against every candidate and group who received/will-receive money or advice from Mr. Soros? Again, the answer is a resounding "NO." Why is the AP/DNC so outraged now?


Frank Stallone said...

Frank Stallone for President. He is much better than the deeply religious Mormon guy.

Keith Steurer said...

It just proves that in the news world, "No news is bad news". It's job security for them to drum up controversial news tidbits, and then they have work to do to chase down info on it. It would be like an engineer sawing off columns of a bridge just so the engineering firms could bid on the work to fix it. Or a doctor poisoning a company picnic just so they have more people to treat at the hospital. The AP really has become desperate for dirt on Romney.