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Monday, March 19, 2007

Keeping score: fundraising

With the first quarter of 2008 rapidly approaching, the first fundraising filing deadline for 2008 candidates approaches as well. First quarter numbers should be reported by April 15th. This is a critical barometer. Sure, recognition gives repeat presidential candidates an early head start, but quite often a "bandwagon" or "ripple" effect occurs as donors want to be allaigned with a winner. If Gov. Romney has a successful first quarter his viability will increase and his name recognition(and support) will continue to grow. I am going to predict that Gov. Romney will finish in the "top two" of Republican presidential candidates for first quarter fundraising. If that prediction comes to fruition, I believe he will lead second quarter fundraising.

I encourage all Romney supporters to donate to Gov. Romney's campaign so he can have a successful first quarter.

The enclosed link has an interesting US News article on the "Cash Primary":

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