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Friday, March 16, 2007

More Videos to watch

There were a few more videos posted this week on Mitt TV. Here a few to watch. Otherwise, stop on over to to watch any of the videos posted. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, email these links to your friends and family.

Some Video Links:

Congressional Endorsements

interview on "Hannity & Colmes"

interview on "Larry King Live"

Also, if you haven't had a chance to visit the Romney YouTube channel, you can access it here:


myclob said...


My name is mike. I run this Romney site:

I would like to create a great grass roots site for Romney. I would like to create a place for each state that has speeches from Romney in that state, a list of people from that state who support him, photos of him in that state, etc...

It would be like a blog, but organized with all the best stuff from the blogs at the top of the page, where blogs organize content by date.

Do you have any suggestions? Would you like to help organize this site?

Have you heard of a wiki before? Have you ever used one? Do you know anyone else that might like to help edit this site?

Please contact me for the password.



Keith Steurer said...

Please provide a way for me to contact you and I would be happy to! Thanks-


Frank Stallone said...

I think the poll numbers put out showing Frank Stallone with a commanding lead are the truth and the future.

Frank had a banner weekend drawing thousands to a event he had in Western Iowa. He raised over $350,000 for charity and will be giving the money to help sick little kids.

Romney was PISSED! He demanded to be interviewed and tried to rush the stage where Frank Stallone was reciting one of Ronald Reagan's speeches from memory. (none of this is true of course). Romney was tackled to the ground by a group of Cubans who had been hired in case of security issues.

Romeny demanded an interview and even threatened to pull off Helen Thomas's wig, and rip out her false teeth if he could not have an interview with even just one reporter.

Not even Helen Thomas gave him an interview. Romney then got the bright idea to hijack a school bus full of old women headed to an indian casino and drive it to Des Moines. The old women had absolutely no idea who he was - and after 5 hours of wrong guesses, he let them all go.

Finally, Romney got some sense of fulfillment when he got an interview with Cat Fancy magazine. He then went to a comedy club and told Catholic jokes for over an hour.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is off-topic, but has anyone seen this recent Michigan poll?

"On the political side, respondents named their favorite candidates for the 2008 presidential nominations from each party. Republicans named McCain (30%), Giuliani (26%) and Mitt Romney (21%) as their top three choices."

Jeff Fuller said...


22% in NH and 21% in MI over the last two weeks. Those that know Romney a bit more are seeing the realistic rise of his candidacy and feeling more and more confident with him as our future POTUS. I think the Iowa numbers will continue to improve as well (11% in Feb . . .)