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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Straw Poll Surrender!

The shockwaves of Mayor Guiliani's and Sen. McCain's "withdrawal", err.. "surrender" by not competing in the Iowa Straw Poll is sending shockwaves throughout the political stratosphere.
After ridiculing the Straw Poll in '99 and bypassing Iowa altogether, McCain has spent the last several months campaigning across Iowa reinforcing how 2008 would be different as he would be competing in both the Iowa Caucus and the Ames Straw Poll. So much for "straight talk."
As for Rudy...I hinted in a previous post that he would not compete in Ames. It clear the former NYC Mayor is putting both limited time and resources into the Iowa effort. One cannot win the Iowa Caucus merely on one's reputation(see Ronald Reagan 1980). It takes visiting Iowa repeatedly and looking the voters in the eye, greeting the activists one handshake at a time.

This is a huge victory for the Romney juggernaut. The fine work of the Romney organization in Iowa is responsible for the retreat of the two candidates yesterday. Mitt & company is laying the groundwork for a victory come January 14th. The secret is out as the other candidates will begin to focus their resources on states that they consider more competitive. I encourage other Romney supporters not to let up, but to continue to recruit supporters for the Iowa Straw Poll to display a show of force that supporters in other states will take notice. This is not the time to become complacent, as the other campaigns will turn up the heat with their shameful anti-Romney attacks. Be diligent, talk with your friends, co-workers, church members, etc. about Gov. Romney and continue to recruit for both the Iowa Straw Poll & the Iowa Caucus.
Jim Kirkpatrick


Anonymous said...


Mitt has them on their heels where it counts. Everywhere he has focused, he has shot up in the polls (often by dominating margins).

I agree with the need to push even harder now for an amazing Ames Straw Poll victory (a healthy margin of victory won't be enough . . . it needs to be dominating)

Political Realm said...

I don't see this as a huge victory for Romney. Yes, he can say now that he scared his two chief rivals away, but wouldn't a win over them in the straw poll have been much more valuable?

Now maybe Thompson gets in and if he has a decent 2nd place showing, the story will be more about him creating a strong campaign so quickly.

That's my take, anyways.