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Sunday, June 24, 2007

DNC = Zero Credibility

Does the DNC hope to retain any semblance of credibility? If so, I think they just lost it. Look at this recent press release from the DNC

Most of the time, when a presidential candidate gives a major policy address, his campaign invites the public to attend or at the very least allows members of the media to cover it. But not smooth talking Mitt Romney. Last night in Denver, when Romney gave a speech to the American Enterprise Institute that campaign aides spent the week billing as a "major address" on national security issues, no reporters or members of the public were permitted to attend.
[The Atlantic Online, 6/18/07; AP, 6/22/07] Instead, his campaign issued canned quotes from his prepared remarks.

Romney's decision to keep the press out of last night's speech follows an embarrassing string of goofs, gaffes, and flip-flops during his previous forays into foreign policy.

However, they fail to mention that AEI rules require that this event be closed to the press. This is confirmed by The Politico here:

Check out the 31 Power Point slides former Gov. Romney used last night at the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum in Beaver Creek, Col., which was closed to the press under AEI rules.

I know these guys are desperate to ding Mitt whenever and however they can, but to outright lie to the public and state that it was "Romney's decision" to keep the press out is copletely unacceptable.

Tuck this away in your memory when next you see a press release from these jokers at the DNC.

PS if you haven't perused Romney's PowerPoint given to the AEI yet . . . it's worth a look.

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