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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rudy Giuliani will skip Iowa, no show at the Straw Poll

Rudy Giuliani told the free world today that he will not be going to the Ames straw poll. Wow. He's not going to show. And then, his campaign manager, Mike DuHaime, stated, and I quote: "We are 100 percent playing in Iowa."

Read article at the following link:

Wait a minute. Did anyone else catch that oxy-moron?? How can you be 100% playing in Iowa if you don't attend the straw poll? Does he not realize that this is a major fund raising event for the Iowa Republican Party, and if he doesn't go, they miss out on his registration fees, as well as any of his supporters ticket sale revenues?? This is a bad move on the part of Giuliani. My take on the situation is that they know from the polls that they have a slim chance of showing well at the Iowa Straw Poll. . Also, they have probably realized how far behind they are in their Iowa organization, and that they can't find state supporters, so they are going to "save" their money from the poll. Yikes. Attantion all wayward Giuliani supporters.........Mitt Romney loves Iowa and has been financially supporting the states Republican interests for quite some time (IE: Republican Governors group, Commonwealth PAC, etc). We would love for you to come and vote for Mitt at the Straw Poll!!

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