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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Romney increases lead in Iowa poll

Romney continues to be the leader in Iowa. While he garnered 20% of the votes just over 1 month ago in the Strategic vision poll , he is now getting 23% from the same firm. His overall lead has grown as well from 2% to 6%. I have yet to see an Iowa poll in the last 2 months that doesn't have Romney in the lead. We just like Romney here in Iowa! Details below (with May results in parentheses):

* Mitt Romney 23% (20)
* Fred Thompson 17% (10)
* Rudy Giuliani 14% (18)
* John McCain 10% (16)
* Tommy Thompson 6% (7)
* Mike Huckabee 5% (3)
* Newt Gingrich 4% (5)
* Sam Brownback 3% (2)
* Ron Paul 2% (2)
* Tom Tancredo 2% (2)
* Duncan Hunter 1% (1)
* Jim Gilmore 1% (1)
* Chuck Hagel 1% (1)
* Undecided 11% (12)

Can't wait for more debates or other opportunities to get Romney and Fred Thompson out in the public view. My prediction is that with more "in person" face time, or live TV, Romney's climb upward will continue and Fred will lose his current "Savior of the GOP/Second Coming of Reagan" aura/reputation. His poll numbers will drop accordingly.


Bret Moore said...

Ron Paul is going to crush Romney, and with good reason: he speaks the truth, whereas Romney clearly does not, has not, and will not.

Anonymous said...

Typical Ron Paul supporter. Big tough words in the online world . . . insignificant support among real-life grassroots activists.

Want to make a wager on Romney vs. Paul in the Ames Straw Poll or the Iowa Caucus? I'm willing to listen to any odds you offer.