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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rudy & McCain Saw Impeding Loss at Ames Straw Poll

Tom Tancredo confirms reality that Giuliani and McCain drop out of Ames Straw Poll because they "were going to lose!"

Now that's some "Straight Talk" from Tank!!

He also confirmed that he's absolutely committed to participating in the Ames Straw Poll on Aug 11th (I, however, encourage you to support another candidate that day!)

1 comment:

Alexander said...

McCain was part of the amnesty bill.
Because Tancredo is in the race people are able to see these positions and react accordingly. Tancredo's value in this race is to highlight a very important issue that most candidates would want to ignore because of the "hispanic" vote.
Mitt take notice! You are running for the US presidency,not Mexico.
McCain donations are gone and he is almost out. Don't make the same mistake.