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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News for the Romney Campaign!

How can a negative article be good news for a campaign?

A recent piece from Time Magazine is titled "Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation" tries to expose Mitt Romney as a heartless animal abuser.

Here's the good news . . . while Giuliani is getting hammered for dropping in the polls and his handling of 9/11, McCain is taking a beating over immigration and his flailing campaign, and Fred Thompson is going through his first round of vetting, the best they can come up with now against Romney is perceived animal cruelty nearly 25 years ago. There may be 3 or 4 Americans who will not vote for Romney because of this incident, but, something tells me they wouldn't be voting for any Republican anyway.

This, my friends, is the sign of a solid candidate running an excellent campaign.

1 comment:

Brian said...

You'd be wrong on that. If this story is true, he lost my vote...and I was leaning towards him. There's no excuse for treating the family pet like so much luggage.