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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Help Romney Remain Top Fundraiser and Become our Next President

Q2 fundraising will come to a close in just a few short days (June 30th).

In light of this, I wanted to revive my previous post about how the MSM spun Romney's Q1 fundraising success as being "Deep But Narrow." I also pointed out in a follow-up piece that such characterization of Romney was incorrect and that most other candidates relied on big donors more than Romney did.

Both Giuliani and McCain have more June fundraisers than Romney (50, 30, and 25 respectively). Rudy might be tough to beat in Q2 fundraising. Romney needs more money to run his campaign than nationally recognized Rudy, McCain, and Actor Fred Thompson. It's looking like Q2 will be a fundraising horserace. The Boston Globe reports:

Mitt Romney, whose surprising $21 million first-quarter fund-raising haul topped Republican rivals in the 2008 White House race, said on Monday he expected a drop in fund-raising cash in the current quarter.
. . .
He said he expected former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to have raised the most campaign funds in the second quarter among Republican presidential candidates. He expected money raised by Arizona Sen. John McCain "to be up significantly," he said

This story also notes that Romney is going to personally help fund his campaign in Q2). The stakes are high folks! This is where we come in.

Please take it upon yourselves to donate to Romney's campaign!! If you haven't donated yet and money is tight just give $5 or $10. Help increase the total number of donors by making sure your spouse donates as well and any family members who will be 18 by election day 2008. Get your friends, classmates, & co-workers to donate too. Feel free to use my fundraiser ID (225003) when you donate. If you donated in Q1, make sure you donate more in Q2! My wife and I have more than doubled our Q1 donations.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, get the courage to send an email or place a call to all of your family and friends about why you have donated to Romney's campaign and invite them to do the same on or before June 30th.

America needs Mitt in 2008 . . . but right now Mitt needs us!!!


Anonymous said...

If you donate on June 31, you will be too late.

Jeff Fuller said...

I updated the post. Thanks for the heads up!