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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Romney to have TV ads in Iowa Soon

Looks like Romney will run some TV ad spots here in Iowa. This should help increase his name ID. Also thic could probably help combat the "all fronts" on-slaught of negative attacks he's been attracting since he has the fortune and curse of being the GOP's most competent and charismatic canidate.

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Anonymous said...

With Iowan having the nations first laws on the books that demand shared parenting of children of divorce, I hope Mitt backs his strong family values with a committment to shared parenting and support for the rights of children of divorce.

This law needs to be a standard in our entire country, so other children can benefit like the children of Iowa do.

Millions of men and their second wives would support Mitt if he stood up and maked the rights of their children a priority in this presidential election.

Joel Johnston