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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Iowas's Great Senator Chuck Grassley: Is he leaning toward Romney?

Keith Steurer is amongst the intial "Iowans for Romney" and was also on Romney's "List of 50" charter members of his Commonwealth PAC's "Iowa Advisory Board". Many of us met Senator Chuck Grassley in Des Moines at the Iowa State GOP convention last June. He's an impressive man and a pillar of conservative strength in the US Senate.

Well, as a follow-up to that, Sen Grassley sent Keith the following note:

Disclaimer: This personal note is published at the request of Keith Steurer and after approval from Sen Grassley's office (though it is clearly not an endorsement of Romney, it is certainly not a reprimand either . . . like Grassley just hurled at McCain yesterday)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting....

Keith Steurer said...

I am glad to be part of the Romney supporters and glad to be living in the great state of Iowa. We have great elected official like Sen. Grassley who keep in touch with their Iowan supporters, despite their hectic schedules. Go Mitt!