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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Milestones for Iowans for Romney

These past few days have been big ones.

Total visitors to this site reached over 35,000 and the total page views surpassed 60,000.

Also, I reached over 2,000 profile views.

We will be adding a new blogger or two in the next weeks as well (Keith Steurer who is a big Romney fan and designed our Iowans for Romney graphics) has been running a personal blog (Happy as Mongoose) the past few weeks and is getting ready to jump into the fray.

Last, but not least, we just signed a contract to join a Retina practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! It's an EXCELLENT opportunity for us and hard to pass up (pretty close to Laura's family in Alabama and Southern Mississippi too!) It's nice to have finally decided and have the pressure off. It will also be nice to be done with training (FINALLY! . . . I'm in the equivalent of the 26th grade now--I'm not kidding). Anyways, it's big news for us and thought I'd share it here.


jason said...

Congratulations Jeff on the job, I was tired of loaning you money.

Keith, it will be good to see you blogging.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeff! The winters in Baton Rouge are much milder than North Liberty.

God Bless,