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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A GREAT answer to the "Mormon Poll" question.

Hat tip to Evangelicals for Mitt on this one.

The Politico has the following exerpt from a recent article:

And get this: A USA Today poll released Wednesday shows that 24 percent of Americans would not vote for a Mormon (Romney), 30 percent would not vote for someone who has been married three times (Giuliani) and more than 40 percent would not vote for a “generally well-qualified person” for president who was 72 years old (McCain’s age by Election Day 2008).

Tuck that one away to pull out when you see people bashing Romney's chances because of his religion.


Capitol 3 said...

Hello I am voting for Mitt Romney
I see the poll numbers are higher for people who would not vote for mccain or rudy obviously it means people would vote for Mitt besides Mitt Romney has innovative ideas,and is well qualified
the united states constitution gives us all the choice of freedom of religion,it shouldn't matter if I voted for a catholic baptist or jew
or mormon or christian
Snow: Could you see voting for someone who's faith you don't understand well? For example, I don't know, someone who is a member of Islam, or, or Jewish? Would you have any trouble?

Romney: I would hope that people take the measure of the man or the woman. And, and take that, and recognize too, that people have faith traditions that may be a little different, but looking for the similarities that, that bind us together.

Anonymous said...

If it's not already here, you need to link to this awesome politico article...

Obama reduced to running for class prez? Men? Women? Pets?


Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton with his pants up?

Jeff Fuller said...

Not sure if Romney want's the first part of that comparison.

Mark Bruns, admin [at] salebarn [dot] com said...

I understand that this heckling incident happened in Florida yesterday (2/17/2007) ... ... to the best of my knowledge, a similar has not happened in Iowa yet, but it will ... this judgment of others religious beliefs is none too far away -- some of the most pious, church-going pharisees are ones practicing this sin, some of the people are our friends, family members ... it would be easy to ignore this or wish that it would go away or to argue with it, but the sin will need to be confronted gracefully so that the sinners can be forgiven, everyone can heal.

I am extremely proud of the way that Governor Romney handled this ... his poised response and example of grace under pressure is how to convince more people to vote for him every time that this happens.