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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Big News for Us Iowans

OK, so a lot of Congressmen and women have already endorsed Mitt Romney's Presidential bid. The lists are long in fact.

However, today Mitt Romney's website sent out a press release of of one state representative in Iowa, Doug Struyk.

Normally, this would not be "press release" type material. However, not only is Iowa an important state, but Council Bluffs is a major population center of Western Iowa ( where most social conservatives in the state reside). This is a big endorsement and bodes well for Romney among social conservatives here in Iowa.

And in further Iowa/Romney news:

Coverage of Romney's Iowa Announcment from the Krusty Konservative is available here and Caucus Cooler's coverage is here.

Another report from Iowa State Student Leslie Pralle at "Romney Report" is here. And more coverage from the Souix City Journal and the Des Moines Register
(OK, that's probably overkill)
Also, you can support Mitt in online polls if you feel so inclined. A list of those are here.

Romney will be the keynote speaker at a major five county GOP event on Feb 19th (President's Day--how fitting!) in the Souix City area ( this blogger chimes in with why this event is such a big deal ).


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Council Bluffs

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Thanks anon 10:13. I've changed the post.