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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tagg and Josh's response to the interview with Jan Mickelson

Here is a video of an interview with Tagg and Josh Romney taken at the campaign HQ in Urbandale. Here's what they had to say about the Jan Mickelson interview that Mitt Romney had.

I think the Mickelson interview is a great promotional piece for Romney. IT shows that he's not afraid to stand for what he believes, and be clear to the public on his ability to separate his legislative beliefs from his personal beliefs. Jan just couldn't get it straight in his mind that personal religious beliefs can't force policy on citizens. Just because LDS christians like Mitt Romney believe in abstaining from alcohol, tea and coffee doesn't mean that these things would be banned from the U.S. when Mitt Romney is elected. Hao come the media hasn't started hounding him on that? Oh yeah, because it's completely ridiculous.


D.Roman said...

Absolutely agree with you.

Iowa said...

As a Mormon and an Iowan, I side with Jan Mickelson in the Romney interview. Romney's insistent defense of being a pro-choice Mormon was truly disgusting.

No, Mitt Romney. You can't be pro-choice and a good Latter-day Saint, because we oppose killing and "anything like unto it." (D&C 59:6)

To defend laws that kill a little unborn baby ("the least among us") is unquestionably incompatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church.

Mickelson correctly quoted Church policy, which says "Church members who submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortions may lose their membership in the Church." Advocating pro-abortion laws obviously encourages abortion. Just look at the staggering increase since abortion was legalized in 1973. Nothing encourages abortion more than to legalize it.

It makes you wonder why Romney, if he really is a pro-life convert, would so vehemently defend legal abortion as an acceptable Church belief. Just because a leader somewhere in our lay Church might accept it doesn't make it defensible. There are tares among us that follow their own way. We are to follow Jesus Christ, not use human beings as the standard.