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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Straw Poll Pictures : Part 1

First off, here is a quick video with Mike Wallace covering the Straw Poll Winner, Mitt Romney :

OK, now to the photos:
I unfortunately left my camera in Iowa city, but a quick call to my pal Tim on the bus leaving after ours, and the camera was on its way. We got to Ames, voted, and then met up to get the camera, so the photo story starts there...... Here is my "inked" thumb after voting:

Here's teh stage area for ROmney. Pretty big stage, very cool.

Here is a look in the eating tent area. A sea of yellow shirts!

After wandering around for a little while, they told us we could line up to get floor seats to hear Gov. Romney speak. We were warming up our shouting voices and getting our signs and mitts handed out.....

Staffer Scott Corrie handing out noise maker sticks (whatever those are called...)

Here we are filing in to the floor seating

The media behind us....

And here are the candidates coming out on the stage

And confetti, too

Here is Mitt speaking (we are all turned to watch a video on the big screen)

Here is Mitt Speaking again.

Here is a quick picture with Mike Wallace. I bumped into him while we were exiting the arena. If I knew he was going to be attacking Mitt the following morning, I probably would have stood a little farther away from him in the picture.

Here is the BBQ they served. It was from Hickory Hill BBQ in Ames, and it was awesome!

Here is Mitt speaking with his Iowan supporters. Why is this so important?? Because the supporters for Mitt were actually from Iowa!! Unlike other campaigns who brought a ton of people from out of state.

Here is Iowa State Chair for the Romney Campaign, Mr. Doug Gross:

Here I am with Josh Romney catching up on the past few month's efforts:

Here is a shot of the Mitt Mobile with me and Jessica showing it off like Pat and Vannah on Wheel of Fortune.

That's enough for now. More later, including shots of the competition. Jeff already posted some, so I will try to fill in the gaps.

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