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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Romney Family Shots from Ames Straw Poll

Here are some shots of the Romney Family (I include myself because Mitt told me in Dubuque, IA a couple of months back: "Jeff, you're part of the family" . . . OK, Mitt, so why haven't I received the adoption papers yet? And I'd REALLY like to see where I've been WRITTEN INTO THE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!).

On this first photo Mitt is writing "Jeff: To my #1 Man, Mitt Romney" on my shirt (love the Catholic priest in the background who is a Romney supporter):
Josh scaling the rock wall:
Ben and Andy on the wall:

Me sporting my unique (only one there today) "Vote for Mitt" shirt with signatures of Mitt, Ann, and all 5 boys!:

The extended family that flew in to help with the event (couldn't vote though):

Craig's wife and boy (I should know names, eh?):

Craig Romney with media director Eric Fennestrom:
Two Ophthalmologists Hanging Out (Me and Jim Davies--Ann's Brother):
Me with Ben and Andy Romney:
Tagg and Jen Romney:

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