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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pics From Other Campaigns

Huckabee Jammin' with his band (they're pretty darn good!):

John Cox spot:

Other various pics:

Tommy Thompson (and his biker gang):

Tom Tancredo (with his typical supporter):

Brownback (nice supporters . . . nasty candidate:)

Brownback looked pretty down after the results were announced:

Ron Pall (nice candidate . . . nasty supporters):

Although there were obviously some Iowans who suppported Ron Paul, in my several walks back and forth to my car, I never saw an Iowa license plate and Ron Paul signs together (they did have a strong presence of Ron Paul supporters there--who were often very "in your face" about things--but this wasn't true Iowan support . . . just the "lunatic fringe" as expected:


Anonymous said...

The other ophthalmologist is Jim Davies, from California. Ann's other brother is Rod Davies, who lives in Utah.

Also, the pogo stick guy is Brian Spencer, who is married to Rod Davies' daughter Heidi. Brian holds a Guinness World Record for height on a pogo stick, and was featured on the David Letterman show a few months ago.

Keith Steurer said...

I;ve been chatting with a lot of people today. One overwhelming theme in their memories of the straw poll : The Ron Paul activists were very annoying, in-your-face, and obnoxious, and if anyone else experienced what Iowans just experienced, they would never vote for Paul. I would have to agree. We had a Paul activist park his bicycle right in front of the door to our bus and block us from getting off the bus. Once we got him to back off, he started trying to give fake directions to lead people in our group away from the Romney staff who were trying to lead us to the polling location. Seriously?? That's pretty low, and Ron Paul needs to get his activists in check, or they will ruin it for him.

angela said...

I think it's quite funny that everyone keeps pointing out the Ron Paul supporters were mostly from out of state. You all DO realize primaries are held in more then just IOWA, right? I would think the fact a candidate has that much support, that he wouldn't have to actually bus his own supporters in from all over the state, would mean something. But go ahead, spin it anyway you want and call us nasty. We just know the truth when we hear it, as well as the regular politc talk Romeny is so fond of. Which is to say nothing about anything important. By the way, how much money did that win cost ole' Mitty?