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Friday, August 03, 2007

Republican Debate sunday morning 8/5/07 on ABC

This sunday morning there will be a debate on ABC at 8 AM central time hosted by George Stephanopoulos. It is held at Drake Univesity in Des Moines.

I will actually be AT THE DEBATE!!! I managed to get a ticket from the coolest person ever, you know who you are ;-) and thanks again so much! I have to be there at the crack of dawn, but it is well worth it. We are not allowed to have cameras or other recording devices, so I will let my DVR do the work back at home for thememories and the post-debate analysis. I will, however, be taking plenty of notes for future blogging. Be sure to catch it ! ! !

Any predictions?? I'll start the conversation : McCain will talk about pork projects at least 4 times. Any other takers??

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