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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ames Straw Poll--Some More Pictures

Get Ready for lots of Pics!!

Mitt and Clan after the results are in:

One of the local bands . . . the drummer is David Kochel who has been a long time "advance man" for Romney here in Iowa (didn't know he could BANG like that!):
David Yepsen preparing his next Des Moines Register article:
The Stage:
Mr. Pogo stick (I'm pretty sure this guy is a cousin to the Romney boys . . . and boy could he FLY on this supercharged appuratus!):

Romney Campaign Photographer climbed up on top of the Mitt Mobile to get better shots (somebody give here a raise!):
Former Senator (MO) Jim Talent is jazzed about Romney:

This couple gets the award for the "most original" Romney get up:

Romney and fellow Iowans for Romney blogger Keith Steurer:

Laura Ingraham was the MC for the program:

The food was good (hard to be BBQ):

Ron Paul folks kept lining up with their large signs wherever Romney buses dropped off and, at times, tried to form barriers to impede them from getting to the tents:
Romney in the morning greeting some of the first arriving buses:
For rival campaigns that complained that they couldn't compete with the stellar organizing by Romney . . . :) (Just a personal rule, but I never follow someone with an upside down sign that says "Follow Me"):
The Five Brothers hold the stage while the bands switch out:

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