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Thursday, June 22, 2006

We're Getting Noticed in Boston & New ROMNEY site

This link from the Boston Globe's website says the following:
Romney recently signed well known Iowa consultant Doug Gross, has made past trips to the state and donations to candidates in the state. And then there is Iowans for Romney, a website run by the exuberant Jeff Fuller.
(emphasis added)

If that weren't enough, The Boston Herald has a blog section has an entry titled "ProMitt Marching Orders where "Romney Beat" writer Kimberly Atkins wrote:
Mitt supporters in the blogosphere are all atwitter over a detailed how-to guide for grassroots supporters to help get Romney elected, started on an Iowa politiblog “Iowans For Mitt Romney.”
She also noticed, and linked to, my list of things to do to support Romney and help him win the GOP nomination. She commented on a few of the ideas . . . sort of painting some of them as Machiavellian.

Obviously, both ot these Boston Newspapers are poking fun at me and my efforts . . . but since they also take every opportunity to poke fun at Gov. Romney, I feel like I'm in very good company!

Also, a Mass. based Romney blog "The Romney Report" has morphed from their blogspot home and resurfaced with the URL with what looks like a strong 5 person team: Phil James (MA), Annie C (MA), Stu Wes (VA), Bobby T (MA), and Jon Zak (UT)


IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

This is excellent early exposure! We may be nineteen months away from the Iowa Caucus, but the early exposure and commitments will make it easier for a victory come January 2008!
Jim Kirkpatrick

Goat said...

Hey, Sacramento valley Romneyite here, my coblogger is a Boston based GOP activist. Romney/Allen is my ticket though I will support the GOP. Bookmark me and check in as we push for the best man for the job, Mitt Romney.

Goat said...

I am from the B'ham area, glad to see fellow southeners behind Romney.

Miller said...

That's exciting, Jeff. Nice to see the national recognition.