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Monday, June 19, 2006

Romney Meets with Some "Iowans for Romney"

I, along with some from our "Iowans for Romney" group, had the extraordinary experience of meeting personally with Gov. Romney. Ann Marie Curling (pictured below with Gov. Romney and me; she's not an Iowan, but is a true Romney devotee having started the "Elect Romney in 2008" blog over one year ago) was also included in our meeting. We were his last small group meeting before lunch and he spent about 15-20 minutes getting to know us and thanking us for what we are doing. To begin the session, he asked each of us in the room to explain a little bit about ourselves.

We were all impressed with how attentive and personable he was. For someone who grew up as the son of a wealthy governor he seemed amazingly "grounded" and down-to-earth. We discussed the political landscape and the current GOP field. He seemed encouraged by recent rankings of political pundits such as Chuck Todd found here from which he quoted Todd's likely top-five GOP candidates, in order . . . however, when he hesitated on #5 on the list and I seamless added "Mike Huckabee", he was astonished (to which I confessed: "I'm a sick man, aren't I?" which got a good chuckle). Other issues were discussed which shall remain undisclosed for the time being.At the end of the meeting he signed copies of his book "Turnaround" (which I received the night before as an early Father's Day gift--Thanks Laura!) and posed for pictures with us.

He truly was thankful for our efforts and he is a very gracious man. I was pretty sure that I'd like the guy, but he exceeded my expectations on how personable, likable, and attentive he was one-on-one. Count me in full-throttle on the Romney train!

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myclob said...


I strongly recomend putting those pictures in your "Flickr" account, and tagging them with "Mitt Romney". Maybe it won't help that much, but it could be a great way of meeting others who have taken pictures with him, and networking...