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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Romney fundraising the talk of the weekend

Over at Elect Romney in 2008 Blog Ann Marie has rounded up a "trifecta" of articles from this weekend about Romney's fundraising PACs. I love the part about how Romney's number #3 donator up to this point, Kem Gardner, is a DEMOCRAT!

Particularly interesting is the Boston Globe article about how effectively Romney and team have adapted to the new fundraising rules post-McCain/Feingold. I encourage anyone who can do so to contribute to Gov. Romney "early and often" (you can donate through The Commonwealth PAC website)

6/12/06 update: Hotline On Call is discussing this issue and tempers some of the statements from the Boston Glob article above.

1 comment:

Ann Marie Curling said...

Yes, it's quite funny how Mr. McCain is at a disadvantage to Mr. Romney due to his own legislation. Talk about a taste of your own medicine!