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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Romney Video on Charlie Rose

Click on this link to watch streaming video of the recent interview of Governor Romney on the Charlie Rose Show (The interview starts about 3.5 min in and goes for about 25+ minutes . . . commercial free!)

They hit many major topics including, Iraq, religion/Mormonism, "RomneyCare", global warming, gay marriage, abortion, Ann Romney, and balancing the budget in Massachusetts. Romney was on task and spot on with all of his answers. Especially memorable was his convincing explanation of why abortion should be a "states rights" issue while the definition marriage cannot be a "states rights" issue which requires a constitutional amendment.

Check it out!


We Three said...

Thanks Jeff!

It didn't show locally, so I was once again bummed. Unlike most politicians, he is most impressive when he is speaking directly to you.

murphy said...

Thanks Jeff, that video was great.

I've already made up my mind on Romney based on all conceivable candidates, but every time I hear him field excellent interviews like this it reinforces him in my mind. Go Mitt!

By the way, (and I really don't want to come off like I'm telling you how to run your site or something), will you be posting this video in that "video section" you have on the right column of this page? Would be a shame for this to be eventually lost.