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Sunday, June 11, 2006

National Journal Cover Story: "The Mass.-ter Plan"--(reviewing RomneyCare)

As many who visit this blogsite frequently may know, I have a special interest in Gov. Romney's Healthcare Initiative in Massachusetts. It was this landmark piece of legislation that was the nidus of my interest in, and support for, Romney for higher office.

The National Journal's most recent cover story this week is entitled "The Mass.-ter Plan" and, quite honestly, is the most detailed review of the plan I have seen to date. It is very informative, balanced, and has links galore to further inform yourselves on the plan. The article was free for web use for the first week, but now is only available for subscribers. I will have access to the article through my university account by the last week in June. If anyone want's a copy of it I could probably e-mail them the pdf but I probably shouldn't post is here. E-mail me at jjfuller72 at yahoo dot com

Just in the last few days Gov. Romney has been highlighted in the Wall Street Jornal, Newsweek, and now the cover story of the National Journal. Look for more of these high profile pieces to come as Romney is considered more and more as a frontrunner.

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