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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Buzz on Romney's MPA Letter . . . and other tidbits

A review of some blog sites have some interesting comments on the issue.

Over at "Reach Upward" Scott Hinrichs blogs about how the MPA issue will effect the GOP presidential hopeful field . . . especially analyzing Romney's letter and stance.

Mass Hub Politics gives it's take and quotes the responses of a Mass liberal group that states that Romney's action was "anti-marriage" . . . nice try guys!

Another Catholic seems quite impressed with Romney in relation to his stance on the MPA. Danny Garland Jr. at Irish Catholic and Dangerous Blog starts his blog: "Can Anything Good Come From Massachusetts? Besides the Red Sox and myself, it seems there can...Gov. Mitt Romney! With Massachusetts making bestiality and same-sex "marriage" legal, it seemed there was no more hope for my state of birth. Then Mitt Romney spoke up." I referred this blogger to the Catholics for Romney blogsite.

This link is a nice parody on those who have been attacking Romney's response to the flooding as political opportunism . . . funny stuff!

As a final tasty morsel for Romney addicts (like me) it looks like Romney and Giuliani broke bread together at Boston's Davios Restaurant night before last:

Rudy, Mitt kibitz
What, may we ask, was on the table for discussion the other night when Gov. Mitt Romney and former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani were holed up in a private room at Davio’s???
Our eatery spies report that the pair of GOP party guys dined with Giuliani’s aides and Mitt’s bride, Ann, and that the attentive servers were kept at bay for some time between courses.
Now, you know the polls have the former Apple mayor second only to war hero Sen. John McCain to replace Dubya. Romney ranks fifth behind Newt Gingrich and Bill Frist, leading to speculation that Mitt may be a primo candidate for the No. 2
So, ya think the words “vice president” were brought up between the appetizers and dessert?
“Yes,” said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. “They’re both big fans of Dick
Cheney.” Fehrnstrom, by the way, claims the political bread-breaking was “a social dinner.”
“The Governor and Rudy Giuliani are good friends who get together from time to time, and this was yet another occasion for them to catch up with each other,” he

Interesting stuff! Hope Rudy sees the writing on the wall that he won't win the GOP primary (pro-gay, pro-abortion, on third marriage with a public and messy divorce, etc. . . is just too much baggage for the GOP base IMO) and throws his support behind Mitt! I see Mitt as hard to beat in that situation.

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