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Monday, June 05, 2006

Romney on PBS "Charlie Rose" Show Tonight at 11:30--IPTV

Governor Romney will be a guest on the Charlie Rose Show tonight (very bottom of the page) from 11:30PM through 12:30 AM on Iowa Public Television (IPTV listing--Channel 13 for me here in North Liberty on Comcast Cable). At least, that is what the listings are saying now (another confirmatory link). Not sure of all the details, but he looks like the only guest and so he should take up most, if not all, of that one hour time frame--a great opportunity to see and evaluate him in depth, both for those who are just getting to know more about him and for those who are already "sold" on him! If you're not from Iowa and reading this post then you should be able to check your local listings at this link.


Jeff Fuller said...

Anyone see Mitt on Charlie Rose tonight (PBS)? Great stuff and he came off very well overall . . . I loved the Noah's Ark analogy! Strong and convincing answers on every issue as far as I can tell. He masterfully navigated the issue of an apparent contradiction of "states rights on abortion" which he favors, and "states rights on Gay Marriage" which he

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

He did fine.

murphy said...

This is one of those few occasions that I wish my wife and I didn't kill our TV.

Where can I find an internet video or transcript?