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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rally To Romney!!

I'm getting a sense of way too much "resignation" among some online Mitt supporters. In the last few days Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rick Santorum have all endorsed Romney and said that they would be voting for him. Although I wish these endorsements came earlier, it's clear that Romney is the conservative alternative to McCain (despite McCain's ads recently that call him "The True Conservative" . . . I spit out my milk when I heard that line).

I will also go on the record (again) that, should he become the nominee, I will not vote for McCain and will not encourage anyone else to vote for him either (probably not even if Romney is his VP). There are several reasons for this:

1) McCain lied about Romney's record on Iraq saying that Romney favored a "timetable for withdrawl like the Democrats." I've detailed the more-than-copious evidence that this is an outright and blatant lie here. I don't want, and we don't need, a liar as our nominee.

2) McCain has made quite a practice of "poking his finger in the eye" of conservatives. I'm guessing that he's man enough to realize and understand that many/most of us feel like returning the favor.

3) If McCain is the nominee, it's clear that, regardless which party wins, our country will have a President to the left of Bush. I don't want the GOP (and, by extension, conservatism) blamed for the ensuing mess of taking our country more to the left. Let the Democrats take the full blame of getting what they're asking for. That could be the best thing in the long run for the GOP and for conservatism.

Granted, I still am fighting and working to make sure that Romney is our nominee and not McCain. I would LOVE to be able to vote for the GOP nominee. We must all Rally to Romney!! He'll be the best President of anyone still in the game. His competence and leadership are unrivaled. People just need to wake up and realize it.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Obama raised over 30 million dollars in January.

You'd think the republicans would be more interested in putting together a coalition even if their guy isn't in the drivers seat.

Obviously the reason Romney hasn't run away with the nomination is because of the religion thing. If he were VP for 4 years then president for 8 years after that, don't you think that sounds almost like a best case scenario?

Kristine said...

if he could be VP that would be fine -- obviously based on McCain's arrogant disdain, Mitt will NOT be his pick.

I'm actually considering voting for a DEM in the general -- I think that will give MITT the best chance 4 years from now.

I don't think a DEM for four years could do too much damage -- the senate really doesn't let the prez get too much done, anyway.

Savea said...

I think many people take too long to make up their minds. If they could spend time with Mitt they will see a great man with high morals and integrity. Please, don't base you decisions in what you see on the ads against Mitt. You need to dig deeper and you'll see why he's the best candidate for both parties and for the USA. People wake up!

scotty84116 said...

People are finally realise that there is a forest behind the trees. Mitt is so outstanding in moral values knowledge and experience that it will do well for everyone to get on the band wagon. Evangelicals should realise Mitt is deeply religious and concerned about people. He is just plain on the up and up.

Anonymous said...

Romney is leading in california's latest poll! reuters/zogby - he's closing ground elsewhere too! Give us one more day of conservative reminder/exposure of who McCain really is and Romney can take it all the way!

What's this, a Mitt supporter talking already about a VP role to McCain for Mitt? I don't get that... I doubt Romney would ever accept, nor McCain ever offer for someone far more qualified to take his VP role.

Thanks for getting Iowan's for Mitt back on track Jeff.

Savea7 said...

Regardless of what religion you belong to, please don't base your vote on lies and dirty tactics by Mitt's rivals. Dig deeper into the source of anything you feel uncomfortable with. Even if you believe it, seek the right source.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain are the ones doing the very thing they proclaimed never to do and that is negativity. Mitt's earlier ads were about contrasts and comparisons of their records which by the way is public record but many of us don't have time to look into it. You can see how Mike and John turn negative and worse attacking Mitt's integrity. It was those two who continued with personal attacks and worse is the lie that McCain made just before the vote in Florida. Then he continued to stick with his lie in the LA debate.

It would nice also if Mike joins forces with Mitt but many of his followers don't like the Mormons just because they have different paths to God. Mitt is the best candidate for the republican but his enemies are many folds but once the citizens find the truth they will back Mitt for sure. Mitt loves other Christians even if they have different beliefs but it’s the evangelicals that don’t like Mitt because of his religion.