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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Way to go Mitt!

What an amazing camaign that Mitt Romney put together! He went from a widely-unknown candidate in January 2007 to a frontrunner! He also became the one candidate that the conservative republican base rallied to.
In a way, I feel that it is partially their fault that McCain is leading at this point. The conservative media and pundits have had Mitt Romney in front of them for over a year now, and they kept hoping for something "better" to come along before they endorsed. Suddenly McCain was leading and they all feared a liberal rebublican nominee, and rallied to Mitt's side. Unfortunately it was too late.
But not for us here in Iowa. We have been supporting him here in Iowa since the Iowa Republican Convention in 2006 where he gave the breakfast meeting speech, and rallied Iowa Republuicans to stand for strong military, strong economy and strong families. He essentially re-aligned conservatives with true conservative principals. We supported him at the Straw poll where he recieved a higher percentage of votes that any previous candidate. We supported him at the caucus, where he won many of the highest population counties, including the one I live in.

Way to go Mitt, way to go.

We look forward to following your lead in the future!

Keith Steurer


Big Jay said...

Yeah, I agree. Good job Mitt. You ran a first class race. Two years ago I wouldn't have believed the Romney campaign would have come this far. It was the second place finish at the South Carolina straw poll that first made me raise my eyebrows.

Anonymous said...


I felt that Mitt withdrew from the race in a very classy manner. He saw the writing on the wall and it was time to withdraw...especially if he has even a glimmer of hope of being the VEEP. I don't think he'll be a stranger to eastern Iowa.

Keith Steurer said...

An interesting point to consider: Mitt suspendde his prsidential bid, which by definition means he is no longer on ballots, but he can raise money. Potential VP offer coming?

Anonymous said...


Personally I think Mitt is a real longshot as a VP candidate, given the animosity between himself & McCain. However, I do hope McCain chooses Mitt as I could see McCain not running for re-election at age 76. Huckabee or Pawlenty are more likely VP candidates.