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Friday, February 08, 2008

"The Mittness"

I know this is sort of an anticlimactic video, but I LOVE IT and can't stop singing the tune.

By far the best music video tribute of the 2008 race.

I'll chime in with my thoughts and opinions about Romney and the race he ran in the near future.


Carol said...


na na na na na.

Carol McKinley

1 Conservative Place said...

Brokered Convention = a discussion about what it means to be a Republican.

1) Republican Brokered Conventions result in wins!

Abraham Lincoln – 3rd Ballot - Won Presidency
Rutherford Hayes – 7th Ballot - Won Presidency
James Garfield - 36th Ballot - Won Presidency
Warning Harding – 10th Ballot – Won Presidency
Dwight D. Eisenhower – “2nd Ballot” – Won Presidency

2) A Brokered Convention gives conservatives a voice. A Brokered Convention gives Mitt Romney a voice. A Brokered Convention keeps media attention on the Republican party for the next 6 months for free! If we just roll over and go to sleep the media will almost solely focus on the Democratic contest.

3) McCain has to win 467 more delegates (44% of remaining delegates) to secure the nomination. Huckabee needs 639 delegates (57% of remaining delegates) to force a Brokered Convention.

4) On Super Tuesday McCain got 42% of the vote in Blue States and only 26% in Red States. Over 60% of McCain’s delegates have come from Blue States. Do we really want our candidate picked by States that we have very little chance of winning in the Fall?

5) 71% of the remaining delegates are from Red States. If we unite we can force this to a Brokered Convention.

6) During the 10 days leading up to Super Tuesday, Mitt asked Huckabee to drop out and for conservatives to unite behind him. The Golden Rule asks for “you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” For the sake of conservatives please support a Brokered Convention and encourage your supporters to back Huckabee. All of the Moderate and Liberal Republicans that have dropped out have endorsed McCain. Please gather the courage to rally your supporters to the conservative cause to push this to a Brokered Convention.

7) Conservatives Unite! There is still time! Win the Red States and we go to the convention for a discussion about what it means to be a Republican.

Hope this brings encouragement and hope. It is not over!

Spread the word. Feel free to repost this as a Blog Topic at will.

Carol McKinley said...

Wow. There's some kind of a freaky thing going on in this camp that is oddly delusional.


"Do WE really want our candidate picked by States that WE have very little chance of winning in the Fall?"

Who is "we"? Even NRO (one of the many Romney paid to shrill for him) realizes that your candidate was just not credible because of his across the board flip flopping and pandering.

They'll be no brokered convention for Romney or 2012. Most of the movers and shakers realize the drastic error they made in putting money behind Romney. It split the party and has nearly cost the Republicans the White House. The people overthrew them and they are now stuck with McCain.

Any movement for Romney in 2012, and the gadflies that overthrew the Republican yahoos will be back again to repeat history. This you can take to the bank! All we have to do is make that clear to the money and power people and that will be the end of any flip flopping liar.