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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mitt Should Stay In

I still stand by my last post about the Republican Dream Team Strategy. I've heard the rhetoric of the last week or so, and I still say that I am not a McCain hater. I think Mitt is a better candidate, I think Mitt is more competent in every way to lead this country. But I don't hate John McCain. I'm not one of those republicans that would rather have Hillary Clinton lead this country rather than what I consider to be a less worthy republican than Mitt.

I still think Mitt should stay in either until McCain gets enough delegates to win the nomination, or until the convention.

Obviously, as a Mitt Romney supporter, I am quite demoralized at this stage of the game. I am specifically disappointed by the rejection of Romney the Mormon in rural America. I was glad for those voters when it was Dubya versus John Kerry, so I guess I'll take the good with the bad when it's Huckster versus Mitt Romney.

I do intend to remind rural America that they brought what is coming on themselves by rejecting Mitt Romney.

Rural Iowa, there is one reason why gay marriage isn't legal in your state the same way abortion is legal in your state. That reason is Mitt Romney. The guy rural Iowa voters rejected in favor of Huckster.

Do rural voters care about the future of Social Security?

How about the Supreme Court?

Do rural voters care about the trade deficit? Do they even know what that means?

Do rural voters care about American jobs?

Do rural voters care about health care?

Do rural voters care about the declining dollar?

These are things that will have a huge impact on rural America. Between Mitt, Hillary, Barack, Mike and John, only Mitt can take on all of these challenges at the same time.

I'm not very hopeful about the Mitt Romney campaign moving forward to victory in 2008. And I'm not very optimistic about a republican surge to victory in 2008 either. It's looking like it's gonna be 1996 all over again.

Mitt - I have friends and acquaintances in Virginia, and some in Maryland. They're all ready to vote for you in a couple of weeks. Don't drop out.

We'll be here in 2012, and hopefully by then rural America will be tired of illegal immigration, the declining dollar, recession, social security fubar, and won't care if a Mormon fixes it. I'll be in a better position to donate more money to your campaign, and do fundraising for you.

Meanwhile, rural America can reassure themselves with vapid self help books by Mike Huckster like:

12 Pointless Actions to Prepare for the Coming Recession!
Yes! You CAN Stimulate The Economy!
Don't Worry About Health Insurance! Solve The Problem Through Diet and Exercise!


Anonymous said...

This Romney supporter ts thinks its time to pull the plug. Mitt is not going to be the nominee & is a long-shot for VEEP. Time for a reality check...

Disappointed but realistic in Iowa

Anonymous said...

BANG BANG BANG BANG !! That was the sound of the final nails being driven into the political coffin on one Willard Mitt Romney after Super Tuesday.
As a product of rural America I will tell you why we rejected Romney.
He is a member of a cult religion and God is not a part of the LDS doctrine. I know they say God is a part but we know better. The Mormon thing hung around Romney's neck like a week old carp. Mainstream Americans want nothing to do with Mormons or Mormonism. Mormonism is the only religion that was founded on lies by a pathological liar. Joseph Smith was one of the biggest frauds that ever walked the face of the earth. Romney bought into the fraud so he is guilty by association. The Mormons control Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. We will not surrender anymore states to the godless LDS cult much less the entire nation. I suggest that Mitt returns to Utah and runs for governor. Mormons are easily fooled, the rest of us are not that gullible.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mitt listened to my advice as he is "suspending" his campain.

Big Jay said...

Looks like Mitt didn't listen to my advice. (laughter)

Hey, Mitt. Anytime you want to volunteer to fix the federal budget, or the declining dollar, or defeat radical jihad, or re-tool our health care system in any state, or whatever. You've got my vote.

Anonymous 10:55
I hope you change your mind sometime in the future. And I assume that both of us hope that a republican wins this November so we don't have long term consequences like democratic appointed supreme court justices. You and I are going to have to agree to disagree on the Mormon cult thing, but this is America, and you are entitled to your opinion.