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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Romney to Endorse McCain . . . Today--3PM in Boston

AP broke the news a few minutes ago.

Discussions on Fox News are saying that this makes Romney a favorite for VP (helps with unifying the right and talk-radio folks, helps in Michigan and the west, helps with potenially drawing upon Romney's money).

Also speculation that Romney's delagate going to McCain get him close to the magic 1191 that will be when Huckabee drops out . . . so this could be the move that makes Huck get out of the race . . . ah, sweet justice.


kmorrison said...

That's a classy move by Governor Romney.

petcampbell said...

Please help us get John McCain into office.
Feel free to contact Michael Schuyler, National Co-Chair for Blog Out-Reach if you would like to join us.
His email spambot proofed is
Michael (at)mccainvictory08(dot)com
Thank you Pet Campbell

Colette said...

A group of Romney supporters have joined forces to create a grass roots movement to promote the nomination of Mitt Romney as VP. If you are interested in learning more, please click on the link below:


Bob Waters said...

But not, perhaps, quite the justice to which you refer, Jeff.

There is a wonderful Yiddish word- chutzpah. It's generally defined as "that quality exhibited by a young man who murders both of his parents, and then pleads for mercy on the ground that he's an orphan."

To even suggest Mitt Romney as John McCain's running mate gives that word a whole new definition.
After the kind of campaign he ran, the notion that Romney would even be considered as McCain's runningmate is as laughable as it is shameless.

This moment is what I was referring to 'way back when I suggested that misleading attack ads on his opponents could come back to bite Gov. Romney.

Hopefully, by next time around, he will have learned his lesson.